Toprock is changing over its name to Water Feature Melbourne to be found on the Interne.

If You want a Waterfall or Garden Pond, contact me

Please note: Toprock is changing over its name to
Water Feature Melbourne
Why? so it can be found on the internet..!

The video above describes a recent Competition
to win a  miniature Hardcoat Landscape.
See below for progress-pictures of the Landscape being built

I want to make my own Hardcoat Landscape:
Here's a quick summary, plus how you can order your
Hardcoat Beginners Kit

This video shows you
Twelve other Landscape-types

you can make using Hardcoat :

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Click the arrow to see video on next page

Miniature Mountainside
Work in progress:

Students, November 2014

Shaping the Mountainside

Right: Applying Structural Coat

Would you like to receive the picture-sequence of the
Miniature Mountainside below being created?
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  If you would like to have a natural-looking 
Waterfall,  Rockpool or Garden Pond,

Here is where to obtain one:

Would you like a
A Quick Start
to your Project?

Choice (a) : The quickest way is to telephone me.
(03) 9809 1667

Contact me.
I offer you immediate, and free,
 Expert Advice  

I can give you some valuable pointers right away!

or you can email me at
to send me an outline of your project and get a quick response.

Choice (b) You can visit my Camberwell Waterfall Display by appointment.
I would be pleased to see you.
my address is 14 Garden Rd Camberwell Victoria 3124
I am often available immediately, usually available at next-day notice.

Choice (c)  I can visit you, and produce a "Design Report" for your project.
if interested,
Click on this line to find out more about the Design Report
 and how it saves you the trouble of
  making costly, time-consuming, non-functioning and unsightly mistakes!

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without the benefit of Design Assistance

(See the "Design Assistance" section below)

  My Qualifications:  

I have over 25 years experience moulding rocks from the wilderness,
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making up waterfall shapes,

retailing them and installing them in peoples' gardens.

There is very little I do not know about natural-looking water-feature installation,
so I know how to make your intended waterfeature the best-looking,
and the lowest-maintenance it can possibly be.

It is because of my experience, attention to detail construction abilities,superior products
and above all my dedication to producing and above-average results for my installation-clients,
that I can offer you the following guarantees:

Guarantee (1) : Until my customers' expectations are met (or usually exceeded),
I will continue to work on your project at no extra cost until they are.

Guarantee (2) : Because I double-seal the ponds and streams I make for you,
I provide you with a three-year waterproof guarantee on them.*

(Ask other waterfeature-builders if they will offer you the same written guarantees.)

The result of the above guarantees?
You will obtain the certainty
 of achieving a successful and pleasing waterfeature,

and it will be one that will still look good over many years.

(Scroll to the bottom of this page for some customers'comments..!)

Water Feature Construction -
 Your Options : 

See the range of Waterfalls and Ponds   and how they are used onsite.
(click on the underlined heading above to access the information)

(a)  Do it yourself.  
Click on the heading above
and learn about the
  pitfalls to avoid!
  (b) Assisted installation:
  I will work alongside you for a day
  or longer, to give you my expertise
  while keeping the costs down
  (c)  Full Installation done by us.
  (Includes past customer comments.)

Customer Comments:


          Learn more about moulded waterfalls , e.g. ''Why not use real rocks instead?''
(click on the underlined heading above to access the answer)

     What are all your water-saving options for the garden? (discussion)

Beware of float valves! They can be big water wasters!
         Ask us your watergarden and water-saving questions.

Review others'  frequently-asked questions.