About Peter Cole, the Water Feature Builder

Permanent Art for your Garden Water Feature

Peter has been building Waterfalls and Rockpools,
and the Landscapes to go with them,
for over 25 years.

Timbarra River

Peter has been going out into the Australian wilderness over that whole period,
moulding rocks from the sides of rivers,
(or sometimes actually moulding rocks in the river ! )

We mould strong, lasting, Waterfall Rock-Shapes.
If you use Hardcoat you will be using the same material
 as we use for making the Toprock Waterfall Rocks .

Below is the kind of waterfall we make from Hardcoat structural material,
and then truck to the installation site.
(The Hardcoat material is of course strong enough to handle transporting)

 A waterfall rock made out of Hardcoat material

A waterfall rock made out of Hardcoat material

Peter and others have actually invented some of the moulding technology for making these waterfalls.

The Garden-Shaping Video Team


land shaper




Penjing expert

We know the technology back to front.
You can be sure we know what we’re doing.

What all the above information means for you,

is that we use ‘tried and tested materials and techniques’ that won’t let you down -
so you can be confident that when you put down your Hardcoat,
and you follow the Instructions,

you will be creating a
permanent work of garden art.