Water Feature Installation Options for the Home Owner

Water Feature delivery plus one hour's assistance, or one / two days of personal Water Feature building assistance

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Garden Water Feature

Installation options:

(b) Assisted Installation:

My levels of assistance are structured to provide
 just the amount of professional help you want:

(1) Delivery plus one hour's assistance

I deliver your waterfeature components and help you with: locating the waterfeature / setting out / general site advice for an hour whilst there, to give you the extra confidence of a professional start-up. Cost $185 plus travel if beyond 15km away.

(2) One or two days of personal assistance

There is nothing like having an expert on hand to help you learn as you go.
I arrive with your waterfeature components. Together we set out, shape dig, position, attach, and perform all those activities needed to create an impressive and enduring waterfeature. The usual mistakes a novice makes are bypassed, making the $595 cost for the day well worthwhile.

You usually see significant results by one day's end (which is eight hours, including 1 hour load-up time) If construction is not basically completed by then, which of course depends on complexity of the job, the one day's assistance can extend to a second day if desired. In many cases the installation has progressed far enough (e.g. to planting stage) such that you have the experience and confidence to complete it.