Designing your Natural Water Feature

The Toprock Design Report takes between two and three hours and thoroughly explores your water-feature options

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Waterfeature Design Assistance:

I recommend you consider my 

   Design Assistance for your Project  

I offer you a detailed preliminary design service
 to make your waterfeature look best.

You will no doubt have many ideas yourself about what you want.
I listen to your ideas.
And with my experience, I help extend your good ideas,
 introduce new ones, and very importantly, save you making
 costly, time-consuming, non-functioning and unsightly mistakes!

Many times I have heard the following sentiment expressed:
"Next time I'll get it right!"
There is a lot to learn with your first waterfeature
 that you don't realise until you have made the mistakes.

  Design assistance -
consider these two case histories:

(1) A customer enlisted my help in construction, but not design.
When I arrived on site I found the customer wanted
 a waterfall and stream going in the opposite direction from the slope,
 that is running uphill, and had begun construction.
It was possible to re-level the terrain, but it took much time and extra cost,
for non-commensurate rewards.

(2) Peter on the other hand decided to get prepared,
and these are his comments, paragraph 2 being particularly relevant:

The Toprock Design Report takes between two and three hours,
 and thoroughly explores your water-feature options.

At the end of which time you will receive a document:
the contents of which have been discussed with you on site,
reaching agreement and approval.
Sketches and costs are included.

The cost of the Report is $245,
 a little more if your site is far distant from Camberwell.

If you decide to go ahead with construction
I deduct $100 of the Report cost from the contract price.

If you would like to review design factors involved
in Water Feature construction,
click on this line here