Convenience, Appearance, Waterproofness and Design superiority are all reasons to use an Artificial Waterfall rock for your Water Feature

Superior Water Feature results from an Artificial Waterfall Rock

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Artificial Rocks

 I offer you natural-looking  Waterfalls,  Rockpools  and  Garden Ponds.

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: 'Why not use real rocks instead?'

A fair question! After all, the cost of the moulding process increases the manufactured-waterfall price well above that of real rocks. The answer is:

(1) Convenience: because moulded rocks are lighter than real ones, you can bring into your garden a larger stretch of unbroken rock surface, that gives you the feeling of a much more impressive weight of stone than would be possible than if using smaller real rocks.
The other option would be cranes and heavy machinery to bring real rocks of equal size into the back yard, and that process costs far more than using moulded rocks!

(2) Appearance! Only the best-looking rocks are selected from the wild to be moulded, whereas rocks from a rock-yard can be lumpy chunky and less attractive. A tip is to visit the yard first to examine their stock, if that is the way you want to go, because once the load is dumped on your front lawn, it is hard to start arguing about the appearance and size of rocks you have received.

(3) Appearance again! the shaping of a waterfall, and the shaping the edges of a pond or stream requires a lot of stone. Even if using a bobcat to shift larger stone, and certainly if you are lifting stones yourself, you have to place so many down that in most cases the result is a mass of stone that looks like sets of loose teeth poking out all over the place! You may not believe me until you try it yourself (and I have done it, which is why I got into moulded rocks!) but once you have done it, and looked at the result, it will be too late to change it.

You will see this quote repeated elsewhere on this Website, which is from a do-it-yourselfer; "Next time, I'll know how to do it right!" In the meantime you'll be obliged to put up with the thing you have created, until after looking at it day-after-day, you finally can't stand it any longer!
It is funny to think that a manufactured rock can look more realistic than real rocks, but especially when you have lots of little real ones stacked together, you will see that is the case!

(4) Waterproofness: Toprock moulded Rocks are waterproof, so all the water you run over them goes into the pond or stream. Putting a set of real rocks together and trying to mortar them so water won't escape behind them and to the sides, simply will not work. Mortar around rocks can never be perfectly waterproofed and it cracks over time. The 'surface tension' of water holds it to the underside of your rocks and guarantees its escape off into a variety of unexpected directions.

(5) Design of Waterfall: Not only are only the best real rocks selected for moulding, but their texture is shaped to flow the water beautifully over their rock surfaces, as it tumbles down to the pond below. You may guess how the water will play over your mound of real rocks, but you won't know until you turn on the pump. Surface tension grabs the water so it won't necessarily tumble over 'that spillway you designed', but instead may disappear under the spillway and out of your waterproof enclosure!
(Text Copyright Toprock 2010)

About Toprock Moulded Rocks:
Whether you want to make a 'big splash in a high-visibility-area' for your parties, or blend a natural-looking waterfall into the backyard to excite the kids or the grandchildren, we can provide the right combination of waterfall/pond/pump to suit you best.
My aim is to give you thorough and informed assistance, so you can produce the most successful, satisfying and property-improved result from your Toprock waterfeature. I can supply all the waterfeature components for you to pick up, or I can deliver-only.
I also offer a range of assistance with installation of your waterfeature, from perfunctory help in setting up to full construction. See the 'Installation Options' section of this Website.

How the Rocks are made:
The texture for Toprock Rocks is first taken from real rocks. Most of them have been found near (or actually in!) the wild rivers of Gippsland Victoria. So you are getting a "piece of nature" conveniently relocated into your own garden.
Toprock Rocks are made of a high-wearing cement and they are reinforced with a special kind of fibreglass. You will have seen this material used for freeway panels and for other long-term construction purposes. When properly supported along the sides, the Rocks are strong enough to be jumped-on by children. They have a solid feel when touched or knocked-on.
The colours are incorporated into the construction material, so can't scrach off. Our Rocks do not use the colouring techiques adopted by poyeurethane-spray Rock makers, which results in a dulled,
less-than-authentic-looking Rock surface. By contrast, our mould technology produces such a sharp, realistic surface that you can actually see the lichen from the original rock faithfully reproduced.

Toprock's Background
I have been in the "Waterfall and Garden Pond" business for over 20 years. Over that time I have achieved the most appropriate waterfall shapes for the home water-feature owner, and optimal Rock strength. Along the way I have experimented with different materials and systems, sometimes producing a Rock that looked all right but when tested showed to be less-than-perfect over time. These Rocks were always destroyed. Creating the most realistic and durable Rocks has always been my (Peter Cole's) aim and the highest standards have always been rigorously maintained.

Because of my superior standards I am able to offer this guarantee:

 (On-site construction): "Until my customers' expectations are met (or usually exceeded),
I will continue to work on your project at no extra cost
until they are.