Here is the range of Natural-looking Waterfalls for your Water Feature

Natural-looking Waterfall shapes for Walls, Corners, and Freestanding in your back yard

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Waterfall Rocks

Waterfall Rocks

The range of Waterfalls and Ponds:
Note: The pictures above are only an indication, and have to be seen to be properly appreciated.

A:    Wall Waterfall: $795. Height 1350mm  Width 1500mm  Depth 650mm

B:    Corner Waterfall:    $845. Height 500mm  Width 1550mm  Depth 800mm

C:    Monolith Waterfall: $945. Height 2350mm  Width 1150mm  Depth 500mm

D:    Gully Waterfall: $640. Height 800mm  Width 1600mm  Depth 1550mm

Not shown:  Small Fall: $495. Height 550mm  Width 950mm  Depth 650mm

E:    Honeycomb Rock Waterfall: $745. Height 620mm  Width 1280mm  Depth 630mm

F:    Courtyard Waterfall: $680. Height 910mm  Width 1100mm  Depth 630mm

Other Rocks:   Rock Ledge Waterfall: $795. Height 450mm  Width 2450mm  Depth 1000mm
                           Rock Watercourse $485. Height 320mm  Width 800mm  Depth 1150mm
                           Shallow Rock Bowls also available, as well as a  range of Freestanding Rocks.

Rock Ponds: Below: 'Baked Mudstone-Texture' Pond $980.  Width 1m.  Breadth 780mm  Depth 370mm
Volume: 200 litres

Honeycomb Rock Pond: $1250. Width 1250mm  Breadth 1140mm  Depth 400mm   Volume: 250 litres.

The pictures above are only an indication, and have to be seen to be properly appreciated.
The Toprock Display is at 14 Garden Rd. Camberwell Vic. Melways Ref. 60 F4. 
 Display is open each Saturday or other times by appointment. Telephone 9809 1667


Some On-Site Applications of Toprock Rocks:

Toprock’s  “Courtyard Waterfall” above, accompanied by three freestanding Rocks

(Note: the pond is an inexpensive tough plastic one, normally ugly, but
which is effectively disguised through Toprock’s pond edging techniques.)

A “Safe for Kids” installation: a shallow paddle pool design.
When the pump is turned off, all the water drains to a reservoir, which is hidden
 under the (removable) Toprock “Large Chunky Rock” ($395) to be seen in the right upper corner of the picture.

                                                              Toprock “Wall Waterfall” installed on site, below.
              (More tree ferns and other foliage will be needed to disguise the rock edges where they touch the wall)

Pictured below is more of the same project. (The Wall Waterfall leads in from the right.)

Toprock Granite Rocks are another kind to consider.
Here is proprietor Peter Cole with a display at the

Melbourne Garden Show (the display won an award) which incorporated Toprock Granite Rocks.

Granite Rocks can be made to any size and shape, freestanding or waterfall.
Below is a project which uses thirty of these Granite Rocks.

Rock-and-water feature in the foyer of a Southbank office building. (Landscaping by Paul Trotter & Assoc.)
(Rocks labelled 1 & 2 are some of theToprock 'Granite Rocks' used in this project.)

Another application of Granite Rocks

Rockpool featuring Toprock “Ledge Waterfall” and  Large Chunky Rock (freestanding nearby)