Help for Do-it-Yourself Water Feature Builders

Do-it-Yourself Water Feature Construction

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Garden Ponds

Installation options:

(a) Do-it-Yourself Installation:

More than half of Toprock's customers elect to purchase the Rocks, pump, pond and other items
 to do the whole installation themselves, or receive partial assistance only.

Preparedness or experience is the key to a successful D-I-Y construction.
I have heard it said quite often in one form or another: 'Next time, I’ll know how to do it right!'

The pictures below illustrate some  pitfalls to avoid:

Try not to use too many different types of rocks. They will not tie-in as a whole.

When designing and building a stream, firstly plan for it to be lower than the surrounding ground.

Then consider, what impact will the flow of pumped water have? Answer: it will raise the water-level.
The amount of water generated by this pump is too much for the banks of the stream to contain.
Or put another way, the stream is too flat, too narrow and too shallow for the volume of water flowing from the pump.
The consequence is multiple-overflows of the banks, which is what happened here.
 (This phenomenon applies equally to waterfall lips between ponds,
and it occurs more often than not with novice construction.)

Other Design factors you might like to consider:

 - Where should I site the pump for easy access:  to make flow adjustments, to maintain it and later to
    replace it after years of use.

  - Where to site the feature for sun orientation and maximum viewing pleasure.

  - Do I know enough techniques to conceal my pump, and pond-edges from view.

  - Can I make it entirely kid-safe? (yes you can!)

  - How do I design the pond stream and pump location for maximum water clarity and minimum

  - How do I select the correct size/volume pump for the water effects I want?

  - Can I introduce different moods to the water feature? (fast, slow, swirl, mysterious origin)

  - Location of electrical outlet

  - Location of overflow point and drainage to where.

If you are unsure about too many of these factors, I recommend you invest in a Design Report for general planning, or a "Day's Assistance" from me on site, to help put all these factors in place.

There are many similar traps for the novice.  Refer also to the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section of this Website.