Have some “Hard-Coat”(TM) ‘solid mulch’ laid over your garden!
      It provides a permanent mulch for you, with creative possibilities!

After 3 months, here is the plant-growth in the Hard-Coat holes!

- Needing 50% less water than a mulch-free surface.

- Slopes staying in place.

- You never need to weed this area.

- Dripper lines are hidden under the soil.

- Plants are perfectly watered.


Further Hard-Coat (TM) information

Model of Hard-Coat, showing dripped plants installed.

On-site application of Hard-Coat:

(1)Hard-Coat is seen here holding up the banks beside a stream,
(2) It is also providing planting-holes for recently-positioned ferns etc.
     (plants are drip-watered, with pipes hidden under the coating)

                                                                            Above Right: The same project, with Hard-Coat in foreground.
                                                                            Hard-Coat is also holding up the banks beside the paved area.

Contact us  for a demonstration of how Hard-Coat is applied and how it looks. (Residential homeowners only, not trade)