Best option: repair your leaking Water Feature

Drip-watering and installing a Water Tank will also assist in water-saving

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Bonsai Landscapes & Saving Water

What are all your water-saving options for the garden?

Toprock has 7 ways to preserve your garden  at the most economical cost:
( While you/we beautify your garden further)

(1) Install Drip-watering.
Drip watering your plants is a must, and is cost-efficient. This is the most fundamental weapon in the gardener's armoury for as long as drip-watering is permissible. A drip delivers water directly to where it is needed, and drips the water slowly, so it penetrates deeply into the soil, to reach the plant's roots.
Dripping is still permissible under 3a water restrictions twice a week, which basically will keep your plants alive. (Exception: See item (2) below: Tank supply.)
Toprock can install a drip system for you, or extend/repair your existing system. We use variable-volume drippers to deliver precisely the amount of water needed for each plant. And they are perched on stakes above the soil, which prevents water-borne soil being sucked into the dripper when the tap is turned off, clogging said dripper.

(2) Get a water tank.
During the several blistering hot periods of 5 or so days together during summer, you might lose a
lot of plants between legal waterings: you can drip-water plants for two hours, twice a week under restriction level 3A.  Having the supplementary water-supply via a tank, or via the Toprock water-gaining waterfeature, (visit this section of the Website) will be useful and possibly plant-saving, between such waterings.
A 1000 to 2000-litre storage system is all that is needed for drip-water top-ups for around 40 garden plants. However if we get to level 4 restrictions, namely no garden watering at all, a larger tank of around 5000 litres would be desirable. If you are watering lawns you will needs 5000 litre or bigger capacity. Feel free to discuss with us further.
There are expensive systems and less-expensive, depending on the amount of plumbing needed. Toprock specialises in reduced-plumbing needs, thereby reducing your costs.

(3) Repair your existing waterfeature: and improve its appeal and function.
For those with existing ponds: in normal times a gradual small leak to your fishpond/stream/waterfall would cause no great concern, but nowadays they are either left to find their own low level or illegally topped-up (n.b. it is still legal to top-up by bucket during allocated watering times.) Toprock can find and repair many of your pond-leaking problems, using our proven sealing systems.
Or you may have a design problem with the pond, for example water overflowing the banks when the pump is on. We diagnose and remedy such situations, often improving your water feature.

(4) Selectively install synthetic lawn.
These days, high-use lawn areas turn into unattractive dust bowls for much of the hot season. They are not allowed to be mains-watered, and they guzzle tank water atrociously. As an alternative to installing huge tanks or settling for dust bowl terrain: consider the improved-look synthetic grasses available, particularly for frequent-use areas and prominently-visible areas.  The new two-tone technology imparts an attractive realism, missing in the past. You can install your own, or have Toprock do it for you.

And now, "Toprock-Exclusive" Systems for your garden-beautifying:

(5) Install Water-Gaining waterfeature !
You can increase your property's water-catchment area and water-storage area, using Toprock's "water-gaining waterfeature" technology. Existing waterfeatures can similarly be modified
We lay down a large area of pond liner on your selected site, or you can do it yourself, with a consistent slope towards a reservoir that we make for you from Toprock materials,
up to 1500 litres in volume, and covered-over with railway sleepers or similar.

This water-gaining waterfeature beautifies your garden. Your reservoir always has plenty of water to offset the amount lost from the waterfeature due to evaporation, and there is more water to spare for the garden. The liner also acts as a ‘moisture-retaining mulch’ for your surrounding plants. Visit the section of this Website  showing a model of how this water-gaining system works.

(6) Conserve your dripped water with the unique Toprock  "Hard-Coat" (TM) soil-covering.
Once your precious water is delivered to your plants, mulching helps to hold it there and
not evaporate. Toprock's new patented "Hard-Coat", is the ultimate in water-preservation:
like a mulch, but permanently there. It looks like hardened soil. We can lay it for you, at $48 per square metre, based on a clear, ready-to-apply site (price current Sept 2012). Read more

(7) Have us construct a customised "Miniature Rock-and Bonsai Mountainside" for you.
This new innovation enables you to enjoy a spectacular garden and waterfall, at next-to-nothing water-usage. There is an example for you to see at  the Toprock display or refer back to the Home Page for further information on on these forms of Garden Art, including the Do-it-Yourself version.

Toprock Display
Over the years and in response to the deepening drought, Toprock has been venturing into the above described systems that will collect and preserve water, while still beautifying peoples' home gardens.
We have a waterfeature display at 14 Garden Rd. Camberwell, which you are welcome to visit by appointment.

Toprock Services
We will visit and assess your site as to suitability for any of the above services & systems that you select. The service provides you with a full written Report as to your best options,
The cost is $185 of which $100 is deducted in the event you decide to proceed (Current Sept 2012)
Phone me, Peter Cole on (03) 9809 1667 to arrange a visit to your garden.